Only PowWow brings your apps, collaboration, and all your data together in a workspace deployed in hours not months.


Fastest way to get any windows or web app with an adaptive UI to any mobile device


Only purpose-built platform for easy real-time sharing and collaboration


Deploy in hours not months

Adaptive UI

Current solutions for mobilizing applications deliver the existing application without any thought to the device and how the user interacts with it. PowWow uniquely allows the enterprise to adapt the UI for each application and each device – all without any coding effort. Applications can be installed in less than an hour with a standard set of device gestures already mapped for you. Further configuration can include changing how gestures work, defining hotkeys and creating custom keyboards. PowWow leverages the power of your existing applications without sacrificing the usability of your mobile device.


Until PowWow, collaboration with mobile devices was only passive. With PowWow, users can actively collaborate with colleagues and customers inside any application. PowWow enables new levels of collaboration from your mobile device:

Application Sharing: Mobile users can lead remote meetings, presenting from any application and switching between applications as needed.

Co-authoring: Joint editing in any application with your team. The application need not have collaboration support built-in. PowWow does it for you.

Real-time support: Upon request for help, a help desk employee can access your application, take control to fix the issue and get you back to work in in real time.


It can take months to get your company’s applications to work on mobile devices with traditional HTML5, native app development or VDI. Not with PowWow. Instead of months, think minutes. PowWow can be launched in a day, specific applications added in minutes, and those applications can be transformed in hours — all without writing a line of code. How is this possible? PowWow uses a modern, cloud/SaaS infrastructure that can be up and running quickly, while supporting existing security and management. With PowWow, applications are adapted for mobile, using our patent pending transformation engine. Only PowWow offers an optimized experience for each device, whether used from an iPad or Android tablet. And PowWow leverages the existing web infrastructure to seamlessly add mobility.